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Lizzy Morris, known to those who she grew up with as Sheree Elizabeth Hutchinson from Villa Road COGOP, is a British-born vocalist raised in a West Midlands Caribbean community in England. She grew up around talented singers and musicians singing in gospel choirs and groups and leading worship.


Singing became the outlet for expressing pain and hurt that she couldn’t freely vocalize.

Honoring her particular choice to worship, Lizzy only ever sang “church” music. Then the struggles of adulthood caused her to stray from the church and turn her back on her faith.

She left the UK and relocated to the United States, where she later became known as Lizzy Morris, the successful business consultant whose clients list include Fortune 500 to 100 organizations. To whom she provides coaching and agile strategic techniques to facilitate stages of organization change and continuous improvement. Regardless of those accomplishments, deep inside the worshipper remains wanting to express her gift to her creator.