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[VIDEO] Lizzy’s Interview with Jimmie Smith

[VIDEO] Lizzy’s Interview with Jimmie Smith

Check out this snippet from the video interview with Pastor Jimmie Smith (Instagram @jsmithkeys) about Lizzy’s upcoming album release, Journey to Me.

Snippet from Video Transcript:
This is super important because we’ve heard your story and we’ve heard how it is that God has allowed you to come to this place – but what do you want people to receive from this album? What do you want when they listen to the songs? What do you want to see happen; what kind of transformation; what do you want them to receive from this?

I want people to breathe again! I just want when people listen to it – I want them to breathe again and realize it’s OKAY. You know what I mean? It’s okay.

So, walk me through that whole thought. You know – the “Journey to Me” …you want people to breathe again from hearing these songs. Do you have worship songs?

Yeah worship songs. There is a song, “His Love Knows No End” and there’s a particular person in that – it talks about even when I moved away and I pretended I didn’t know your name, you still answered my cry for help… because your love knows no end. I think so many people can relate to that. Right? There are lots of people who feel like “I’m so far gone from my relationship with God.” Which is why they don’t show up to anybody’s Church. Because I like some pictures
people think this or whatever so there’s lots of people who we call internet Christians, right? And we were on-demand, right? I mean watch watch this message, nobody knows about your heart.
It’s really inspiring me. But to walk into a church door, they wouldn’t do it because they don’t feel they’re qualified.


But I want when they listen to the music to understand nobody has the right to disqualify you, right? You’re qualified because your love knows no end. We have you listen to preachers and when they preach about grace they preach about grace like’s almost like a whipping. I’m going
to whip you with this. Don’t take advantage of grace – that’s not really what it is, because you don’t own grace. We preach as if we have the time box on grace. It comes out of God’s love…

Listen to the rest of the interview and tell me your thoughts!

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