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Refunds & Shipping

These refund policies apply to all products and service sold or associated to the Lizzy Morris Empowerment INC brands. JustlizzySings, LME, AMorrisChristmas, DYBLIFE, Agilelady,


Training Workshops or Conference Refund Policy
A full refund will be provided if you cancel or transfer your registration to a different LizzyMorris Empowerment Inc & DYB life event(s) no later than five business days before the start of the event or workshops. If you cancel or transfer later than five business days, before the event you have registered for, there will be a minimum of $350.00 non-refundable fee applied per event or workshop, per attendee.

Musical Concert Refund Policy:

A Refund will be provided up to 30 days before the concert for all tickets purchased to before and by the 30-day marker. All tickets purchased from day 29 before an event are not eligible for any refund. For good faith, all those who request a refund will be sent a link for the free inspirational downloadable product. This Product will be selected by LME Staff. Will be forward to customer no later than 14 business days from when they received notification of refund request


All services will be paid for in advance if the service is canceled or delayed more than 14 business days without prior written consent from Lizzymorris Empowerment Inc Booking Office the service will not eligible for a refund. Because the timebox reserved would have been removed from the facilitator’s calendar of billable time to ensure they were available to fulfill your service.
If a deposit had been paid to reserve the date for a possible event, that deposit would be forfeited if the event is not confirmed or canceled with 14 business days without prior written consent from Lizzymorris Empowerment Inc Booking Office.
If travel was secured the recipient of the service may apply to the travel provider for a full refund, if the travel provider refuses to issue a refund based on their terms of sales Lizzymorris Empowerment Inc & Subsidiaries will not be held liable for those costs in any way.


All downloadable content that was downloaded after purchase will not be eligible for any refund or credit unless otherwise stipulated with an advertised offer. This policy applies to e-books, audio, music and electronic resource aids of any kind.

All physical products once returned to the office will be eligible for a refund less the incurred cost of postage. The product must be returned without damage for a refund to be credited to the purchaser. The refund would be credited within 14 business days 21 business days if the time returned crosses an observed holiday by the Lizzymorris Empowerment INC.